Blue Fire Extinguisher Dry Chemical ABC Powder Mobile Unit ( Powder by Kidde )


Model B-50PM
Waktu Semprot (detik) 30 – 40
Jarak Penyemprotan 6
Panjang Selang (meter) 6
Gas Pendorong N2
Kapasitas (Kilogram) 50
Diameter Tabung (mili meter) 360
Tinggi Keseluruhan (mili meter) 1150
Temperatur (Celcius) 60
Test Tekanan (Kg/cm2) 30
Tekanan Kerja (Kg/cm2) 13.71
Berat Keseluruhan (Kilogram) 93

tersedia dengan kapasitas 20 dan 25 Kg

Note : The specifications and picture are subject to change without notice

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